Phuong Nam Xanh Vietnam Production Limited Liability Company is a company that specializes in the cultivation, production, and trading of safe agricultural products.

Meet our team

We work according to the international standard Global G.A.P

GlobalGAP is an international standard for agricultural production from farm to table. It was created to ensure consumer health, food safety and the environment, and to allow suppliers to grow or produce crops that comply with international standards.

The GlobalGAP standards include:

  • Environmental management: including the proper use of environmental resources and minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • Food safety: including ensuring food hygiene and controlling toxins.
  • Worker health and safety management: including ensuring the health and safety of employees in the production process.
  • Material and origin management: including ensuring that production materials meet standards and have clear origins.

GlobalGAP is an important standard for food suppliers as it provides a common basis for ensuring product quality and safety worldwide. It also helps to increase credibility and reliability for suppliers and consumers, and supports risk management in production and business processes.

In addition, GlobalGAP also helps to increase production efficiency and resources by providing standards and guidance documents for suppliers, helping them to use more optimized procedures and processes.

Overall, GlobalGAP is an important and necessary standard for global agricultural production, ensuring quality, safety and health for consumers and the environment.


Years of Experience

Experience gathered from many years of family farming.

Total area

at Hamlet 12, Ia Rve Commune, Ea Sup District, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam.


Including the advisory board: Masters, PhDs working at Hanoi School of Agriculture 1.

Farm management: 2 agricultural masters, 5 agricultural engineers, 10 agricultural college & intermediate level staff, and more than 150 workers.

Main varieties of Jackfruit

Nghe jackfruit, Red-fleshed jackfruit, New variety of Nghe Jackfruit.

- 150.000 Nghe jackfruit trees
- 50.000 Red-fleshed jackfruit trees.
- 100.000 New variety of Nghe jackfruit trees.